Sunday, 25 November 2012

Be Mine! Christmas Edition.


1. river island, 2. NUXE reve de miel via feel unique, 3. prince puss necklace by cheap frills, 4. benefit go tropical, 5. cat watch by ASOS, 6. kindle fire.

I was going to hold out on Christmas posts to AT LEAST the 1st December but it just seems to come around quicker and quicker each year. Christmas songs are already flooding my ears and it's still NOVEMBER. Madness. Christmas in the shops usually begins just after Halloween, and everyone thinks it's so early, but I have to admit that I blimmin' love Christmas so the earlier the better for me!

As it's the 25th today, it does make it exactly 4 weeks until Santa comes calling with his jolly face, so I thought I'd make a Christmas post. 

This is just what I'm asking for for Christmas this year, although I'm not going to get everything on my list! I was going to give the list to Craig and my mum but my mum being my mum has already bought all my presents so, surprises all around for me! 

1. I adore this jumper, it looks so fluffy and comfy. I'm obsessed with grey clothing too, which is one of the reasons I love winter fashion. I definitely prefer darks - grey, navy, black, burgundy, I find them the perfect winter colours. 

2. I have read a few reviews lately about this lip balm and it sounds amazing. My lips really hate our cold British weather and the furthest I've ever got with lip balms is carmex! This NUXE lip balm is supposed to be super nourishing which is just what I need.

3. HOW CUTE IS THIS PLEASE?! It reminds me of my Morris (although he's not as ginger) and I just love it. I've wanted it for quite a while now but I have just never got round to purchasing it, so it's the perfect gift to ask for for Christmas.

4. This is the Benefit Go Tropical kit which consists of chachatint, high beam, CORALista lip gloss, CORALista powder and a powder brush. I've wanted to try the coralista blush for so long now, I think coral looks so much nicer on the cheeks than pinks, it's a lot more subtle and adds a nice warm tone without looking too overdone! 

5. Yes...another cat item...whoops! This is something else I've wanted for a while now, but when I was going to buy it, it was sold out, boo! I never wear watches, because I'd be constantly checking the time and it would drive me mad. However, this is more of a cute accessory for me!

6. Another thing I've wanted for a long time...basically, I've wanted a lot of things for a while but I never have pennies or spend it on silly little things! 
This is the Kindle Fire. My mum has a regular kindle which she never puts down, she adores it. Since she got hers she's been pestering me to get one because she knows how much I love reading (I really do...I don't understand people that don't enjoy a good book!) I shouldn't have put this on here really as my mum just bought it for me as it's now under £100 on Amazon for black Friday. A complete steal I think! You can get books, apps, web and more on the Kindle Fire. 

So there we go, that's my Christmas wish list. I am always a little spoilt at Christmas because I don't have a big family so I think they make up for it by buying me loads! Although I am 24 now so the presents are getting a lot less, which doesn't bother me. Christmas for me is about seeing my family enjoying their gifts, me locking myself in the kitchen with Christmas music making the dinner & stuffing our faces all day (and night!)

Have you made your Christmas list yet? What's on it?

Friday, 16 November 2012

Superdrug Vitamin E - Hot Cloth Cleanser with Muslin Cloth

Superdrug Vitamin E - Hot Cloth Cleanser with Muslin Cloth - £5.99

Winter has to be one of my favourite seasons, which for some reason a lot of people don't understand?! Don't get me wrong, I love basking in the sun and enjoying the natural heat spreading itself across my face but overall...winter just does it more for me! 
I love winter fashion - chunky knits, layering, boots and cosy pyjamas. I detest summer fashion...short shorts, ghastly bright colours and arm showing are definitely not for me. I suppose it doesn't help that I'm ginger, pale and freckly so the slightest bit of sun and I'm burnt to a crisp. Maybe if I had lovely olive skin I might enjoy it that tiny bit more - but sitting out in the sun for hours and not developing a tan is not fun, it's not comfortable, sweaty and down right BORING. 

Even so, one of the things I hate about winter is what it does to my skin. The heating is on in the house which may feel lovely on my bones but it dries out my skin and don't even get me started on what the weather does to my face...!
I always find myself splurging that little bit extra on winter skin care or using more products, just to try and bat away the awful dry skin that occurs. 

One of the things I've never tried before is a hot cloth cleanser - I know they are extremely popular in the beauty blogging world, especially the most loved Liz Earle one which I have been meaning to get my mitts on for a long time (I don't have any stockists of it in my town which means I'd have to travel out of town for it, boo!) 

I came across one in Superdrug lately which is part of their Vitamin E range which stocks lots of skincare products packed with excellent vitamins that will take care of your skin. One of the things I was impressed with when I opened the packaging was the sheer amount of cleanser - I'm so used to opening a box now and the product being half the size of the packaging! 

The cleanser is really thick and creamy which definitely feels nice and luxurious when smoothed across my skin. It also smells DIVINE. Almost like coconut with a hint of fresh linen. It leaves me skin feeling super soft afterwards and really refreshed. The only thing I don't overly like is the muslin cloth - but it's probably just me! I have a ~thing~ about textures and the feel of it goes through me slightly. However, for £5.99 I can't complain and I really do recommend this!

What are your favourite hot cloth cleansers? Can you recommend any new ones for me?

Ps; my friend has just started a blog which you can find here.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions

 Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions
l-r: cleansing foam, oil control cleansing mask, clearing moisturiser, clarifying lotion.

As long as I can remember I have suffered with my skin and even now at the beckoning age of 24, it seemingly does not want to pass anytime soon. When I was 14 my forehead was plagued with pimples, with the big, red and sore beasties saving themselves for the spotlight of my chin. At an impressionable teenage age, you can imagine it wasn't the best of times but I got on with it. When I was 14 (this was 10 years ago...omg) I had no idea about skin care routines or beauty regimes. I thought good old soap and water was the cure to all my acne problems along with a little miracle gel prescribed by my doctor.
Fast forward to now and boy, am I glad I not only matured mentally but also with regards to what is available for my skin. I don't really suffer from bad spots anymore, I am more plagued with the scars left from previous years. I know now I will never have an even skin tone naturally, my face will always and blotchy. Even so, if stress ever strikes me down and Lord knows it does, those under the skin and awfully painful monsters start making an appearance and soon show their ugly yellow little heads.

In my second year of University I had some spare money as I received a bursary on top of my student loan so felt the need to treat myself to a few 'special' things. Special items for me are items I splurge on and spend obscene amounts of money, but the reason I call them 'special' items is because I know I will make them last for quite a while. So, there I was, spotty again from University stress, red and blotchy from the cold Newcastle winter and on my way to Boots to cry for help. I stumbled upon the Clinique counter and spoke to a super nice lady who was more than willing to inspect my skin a little and offer some much needed advice. She recommended I try the Anti Blemish Solutions products and told me the ins and outs of how it all works. I came out of Boots having spent about £70  in sheer hope that my skin would succumb to the Clinique prowess.

I purchased the Anti Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion, Anti Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam, Anti Blemish Solutions Moisturiser and the Anti Blemish Solutions Face Mask. I knew I'd have to use it for at least 2-4 weeks before I'd start noticing a difference, and of course, my skin had to go through the purging stage of extreme breakouts to get all the nasties removed from my skin. Over the course of time though, a difference did happen. The spots faded and became less regular. My skin looked much fresher and in turn, I used a lot less make up which ended the cycle of not so nice skin.

I've had this collection for over a year now and the only item I've had to re-purchase is the moisturiser as the packaging is quite small. The cleansing foam works really well and I just leave it in my shower so it frequently gets used. It comes with a pump which offers easy application and it smells really fresh. The clarifying lotion feels like a toner and I apply it with cotton pads after my shower just to get rid of any extra dirt and grease. A word of warning about the lotion is that it can be very drying which is why I always make sure I moisturise thoroughly after use as this makes a huuuuge difference. The anti blemish moisturiser itself is a very good one, it works well in to the skin, a little goes a long way and it soaks in super quick so you're not left with a tacky and greasy face. The work of wonder in this collection for me is the anti blemish face mask. It lasts SO long, you only need a small amount to cover your entire face and when removed my face is super shiny and healthy looking. It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and indulgent. I cannot recommend the face mask enough, it really does work its magic!

Have you ever tried Clinique skin care products? Which are your faves?

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Be mine! Bedroom edition

Be mine! Bedroom edition

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I've really had the urge to blog quite a lot this week but as luck would have it I've been struck down with the common cold. I've sneezed so much my ribs and back hurt, hmpf.
I've also wanted to re-decorate my room this week as I still haven't sorted it out from when I moved back home from Uni. As you can tell, I like quite simplistic stuff, especially white things! There's a new British Heart Foundation charity store opening in my town soon, so we're thinking of looking for some bedside cabinets in there that we can then put our own touch to - inexpensive, giving to chairty & being creative!

I hope you're all having a much better week than I am *cough splutter cough*