Sunday, 28 October 2012

Maxfactor Face Finity All Day Flawless

Maxfactor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 £11.99

I always struggle with foundations, especially when I stick to drug store. As much as I love drug store products, their foundations have never been amazing for me. I have very pale skin which I can never match correctly and acne scars which need a very high coverage.
I ran out of my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum the other day (highly recommended) and fancied a change. As it was pay day (woo) I splurged a little and treated myself to a high end foundation but, since I'm still a mega cheap skate, I only want to use that on ~special occasions since it cost me £27 (!!)
So, I took a little trip to boots on the hunt for an every day foundation. I saw Gem Fatale do a post on Maxfactor Face Finity All Day Flawless and it sounded blimmin' AMAZING so I thought I'd give it a try since there seemed to be quite a few people picking it up whilst I was umming and ahhing in Boots. 

face: Maxfactor face finity all day flawless foundation, Collection lasting perfection concealer, MUA heaven and earth palette, Clinique high impact extreme volume mascara, Clinique Sunset Glow blusher, Kate Moss Matt lipstick in #107, Sleek brow kit.

IT IS WONDERFUL. I am seriously impressed. It claims to be a 3 in 1 foundation which includes primer, concealer and foundation (great for an extra few minutes in bed). 
It gives super good coverage, I did apply concealer on top but I really didn't need to, it covers really well. I also found I didn't need to use a powder on top either as it's quite mattifying. 
I will say a little goes a long way, when I first applied it, I put on a little too much and ended up with the dreaded CAKE looking face...bleugh. It can easily go from flawless to cakey, so I'd be a bit careful but apart from that I would  highly recommend this to everyone. It tones down my redness, hides all my blemishes and gives a nice equal tone. 

Friday, 26 October 2012

Instablog #5

001. I guess I best start with the biggest change in my life over the past few weeks and that is my new job. I mentioned in an earlier post that I'd tell you all about it soon enough, so here it is! I'd been trawling through job search websites for months after finishing Uni and like most graduates, I wasn't getting anywhere fast. I was applying for most things I had experience in such as retail and admin/reception work. It's quite odd finishing a degree and then going to get an everyday job I could have got without my degree, it almost makes it feel useless. But I know more than anyone that I didn't go to University for solely an educational value so it doesn't bother me all that much. I also have quite an obscure degree and it is immensely difficult to get a job in my particular area, and well, I can't go on waiting for one to jump out at me and not do anything else in the mean time. So that's where I was at. I got a phone call about a job position I'd applied for, went along to the interview and low and behold, got the bloody thing!

002. I now work for Women's Aid, a charity who support women and children (also, men) against domestic violence of all kinds. Now, I'm not making this sound like I'm super woman, as I'm 'only' an administrator there, but it's...fulfilling. I still feel like I'm part of the group that helps despite not being in direct contact with the victims. It is extremely interesting, severely upsetting and incredibly insightful. Obviously as it's quite a confidential job I cannot say too much and plaster it all over the internet but I am enjoying it. My first week was a little bit crappy as I'm horrifically shy, so it takes me a while to get used to an office setting. This week was my second week and I've settled in a lot more. It definitely helps that everyone is super nice and friendly, I don't feel like the outcast new person. I can also wear whatever like, which is a bonus! I've never had a job in which I didn't have to wear a uniform (bleh). So that's where we're at with my employment side of life. Now for play...

003. I went out with my friends last Friday night as it was a friends birthday and another friend was home from Spain (where she lives). We went to the pub for a couple then back to their house for a party. As usual with my friends, it was complete madness. Tequila slammers. Blasting speakers. Dancing on sofas. Jonathan Ross masks. Destiny's Child playlists. You get the you can imagine, it all got rather merry. Craig decided to drink rum. Straight. This resulted in us getting home, him falling asleep and then puking ALL OVER my bed. It's a good job I was in bed next to him otherwise I wouldn't have him here today. He would have choked to death on his own sick. It really opened my eyes how alcohol can kill people in many different ways. It scared the shit out of me and I made him buy me a new duvet! The silly sod.

004. There you have it. I think we're all up to date now. My posting will be very sporadic as I work full time, Monday to Friday but I always have the weekend to catch up, a little bit like now. I think what will happen is I'll try and post something during the week, whatever day that might be, then do a little catch up at the weekend.

I hope you've all had a lovely week :)

Monday, 15 October 2012

How much is your face worth...


1. L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer £9.99, 2. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum £10.99, 3. Collection lasting perfection concealer £4.19, 4. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat £25, 5. MUA heaven & earth palette £4.00, 6. Rimmel glam eyes liquid eye liner £5.29, 7. Clinique lash doubling mascara £16, 8. Rimmel scandal'eyes liner in nude £3.99, 9. Collection lasting perfection powder £2.99, 10. Benefit high beam £18.50, 11. Kate Moss matte lipstick in #107 £5.49, 12. Bourjois little round pot blusher £7.49

Total: £113.92

I've seen this tag floating around for a while now and have wanted to do it just to see how much I spend on make up. I don't think I realise how much I spend. I never go on a massive make up spree, I just pick up bits and bobs here and there when I'm in boots and as you can see, it all adds up.
I'm pretty shocked I've broke the £100 barrier to be honest, it just goes to show, even when 80% of your products are drug store it still accumulates! 

Quite a bit has happened since my last blog, mainly that I have a job now. Hooray. I'll post more about it over the weekend, as I'm sure my posting will be quite sporadic now as it's full time work and when I get back from work I just want to lie down...really...just lie there...Zzzzz.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Instablog #3

001: This week was mine and Craig's three year anniversary. I know most people probably say this about their partners but I can't believe it's been three years, wowzers. We met through Leeds festival, and more specifically, their forums (hey guiz~). To be honest, I never really spoke to him at first. I saw him at a party one of the forumers had at their house and I thought he was a bit of a dick (lolz, he knows this now, love you). I'm not sure why, I think it's because he didn't really talk to me and was with the ~popular~ and ~loud~ folk from the forums, where as I kept myself to myself generally, and was never overly close to anyone from there (apart from Steph, hey gorl). ANYWAY. One day he popped up on my MSN (wassup 2008) and we started talking. Since then we haven't really stopped talking, which is of course, quite lovely. In 2009 I went to Leeds festival for the day whilst he was there for the whole weekend, so I met up with him and proceeded to call him a chav as he was wearing hideously mucky Adidas trackies (which he still has no problems with...). I don't believe in soul mates or anything like that, but a few months later we ended up at the same University, so somewhere in Cupid's universe we were clearly meant to be. He lived about 30 minutes from Uni so didn't get accommodation at first, therefore he basically lived in my halls until he got his own, and when he got his own, they were the same as mine but across the car park! So we have pretty much been living in each others shoes since we first got together (we got a house in 2nd and 3rd year with friends). I would say I'm lucky that we haven't fought or argued on a horrific level, but I don't see that as lucky, I see that as a stable, healthy and loving relationship, which is what we have in its entirety. It has of course been hard at times, he's from Newcastle and I'm from Lancashire. We've had to deal with long distance and being apart for weeks at a time. Yes, it sucks and it's not the best feeling, but being apart makes being together feel that much nicer, and I'm so proud and happy to have my own little Geordie delight.

002: On Wednesday me and Craig went to Manchester (for our anniversary). We got each other presents but they didn't turn out as planned....! Craig had stalked my blog wishlists for what to get me and I had told him a recent cardigan he wanted to buy was horrible so I could buy it for him and surprise him. He got me a watch from River Island, which I really wanted, but he got the wrong colour (gold, instead of rose gold). I got him his cardigan but it didn't fit...nightmare. So our trip to Manchester turned in to us exchanging our presents. Craig got a new cardigan and I took the watch back and got my dreeeeeam bag from Zara. I love it so, so, so much. We then went for dinner at Sapporo, just off Deansgate. It's a Japanese restaurant and it's blimmin' brilliant. They cook your food in front of you and do lots of tricks with flying eggs and knives. The food was delicious and I may have been slightly 'oh shit I'm drunk' off cocktails.

003: We've only just giving my little munchkin back to where she belongs. I don't think I've spoken about Keira before on my blog. She's my mum's God-daughters daughter (lolz confusing). She's 2 and so CUTE! Ah. She has the prettiest blonde curls, bright blue eyes and slightly tanned skin. Gorgeous! We often babysit her for the night or weekend because we really enjoy having her and it helps the family out. She loves Craig and the cats, but unfortunately the cats don't like her all that much and poor Morris ends up outside for hours on end hiding under the trees whilst she screams HELLO MORRIS at him constantly. Poor baby!

How has your week been?

Monday, 1 October 2012

MUA - Extreme Curl Mascara

 MUA Extreme Curl Mascara - £2.00

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I have been after a new mascara for a while. I have quite a lot of lashes but they're short, blonde and have no natural curl at all. I've always been envious of people with naturally long, dark lashes. I had a friend in school who had beautiful lashes, they were so long and luscious! Speaking of, my boyfriend Craig has amazing lashes (and teeth!) but I always find men to have really nice lashes?!

Anyway, the other week I asked on Twitter for you guys to recommend me some new mascaras that give me long, dark lashes. I got a lot of recommendations and there's so many I want to try! A few of them are out of my price range at the moment so I opted for drug store end. 
I'm a huge fan of MUA and I think their make up range has gone up leaps and bounds since it's first release.
I couldn't believe this mascara was only £2. The packaging is gorgeous and the wand is nice and thin with a curled brush at the tip.

The main thing I liked about this mascara is that it's not too wet. So many mascara's I buy are really wet when first purchased and makes my eyes feel really gloopy before they dry (God forbid I sneeze). In the picture above I have curled my lashes before applying the MUA Extreme Curl.
It works best with one coat, I find if I apply two or three times then I start to develop spider lashes! Overall I think this mascara is great, if anything for the price tag.