Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Affordable Make Up - Collection.

Collection Lip Stain Colour Pout in Flirt, Collection Colour Match Foundation in Ivory, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair.

Having just graduated and from being a full time student for the past three years, budgeting has played a huge part in my life. I of course yearn for high end make up, clothes and bags but unfortunately, these are treat items and often off my list. 
Make up is a pretty big deal in my life and it always has been since I was a teenager. I suffered from acne which has left me with scarring and other marks on my face. I've been lucky enough to use skin care ranges such as Clinique and Dermologica as birthday/Christmas presents which has helped improve my skin a great deal.
However, make up is the 'big deal' - it covers up my scars, blemishes and redness, which gives me a lot more confidence. At the age of 24, I have slowly started to like my skin and I understand hiding under a pile of make up is not the best thing to do to build your self esteem. Even so, make up adds something much more to my face and it really is an integral part of my daily routine.

When shopping for drug store foundation, I often hope straight to the higher end range of drug store, such as Revlon, Bourjois and MaxFactor. This time was a little different. I've been using Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer for a few years now and it really is great (more to come on that further on) so I thought it couldn't harm trying out their foundation, and at £3.99 I really couldn't argue over the price. 
I opted for the Colour Match foundation which claims that it adapts to your skin colour. The reason for this is because I am super pale and most Ivory foundations still come a little darker than my natural skin tone. It also has an SPF 20, which is great, especially if you're taking it on holiday. 

I'm about to be brave and post a picture of me without make up on, so you can see the difference the foundation adds.

Sorry about the shadow!

Ok, so as you can see I have a lot of redness, spots around my jaw line and scarring on my chin. 

Applied using Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

As you can see, it makes such a huge difference. It covers my redness and adds a porcelain look to my skin.
The foundation is quite thin, but I do like my foundations to be like this because they glide more easily over the face and I use much less product. 
The coverage is also great, although I had to add slightly more foundation in my problem areas but if you're lucky and have no blemishes/scarring then the coverage would be amazing. 
This picture was taken after about 5 hours of wear and no re application, so it definitely sits well on the skin and lasts quite a while. 
The only problem I'm currently having with this foundation is on my eyes (!). I know, it sounds very odd, but I have incredibly sensitive eyes. If someone is peeling an onion in the kitchen and I'm in the living room, my eyes will start watering and stinging. When I'm in the sun, I can hardly open my eyes without sunglasses. 
This foundation makes my eyes watery, and my suspicion is because of the high SPF. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, £3.99

In the picture above I am also wearing the Collection 'Lasting Perfection' concealer. I absolutely love this product, it really is such a fantastic concealer. It has quite a creamy texture which lets you really work it in to the skin and I find it covers anything from dark circles to spots to scars. 
The coverage is second to none, my scars disappear almost instantly when applied correctly and it only ever fades slightly throughout the day. I have never bought a high end concealer because this works so well for me and it's such a great price.

Collection Colour Pout Lasting Lipstain in Flirt.

I've only ever used one lip stain before that was by Rimmel. What I like about lip stains, is they have no sheen and it feels like there is nothing on your lip. It almost looks like you have bitten your lips and a blood flow of colour has hit them, incredibly natural if you choose the correct colour. 
I was scouring for a lipstick the other day and wanted to use my boots points as I had about £4.50 on my card. I instantly headed for Collection because I knew there would be a lipstick in my price range and the quality would be good. As soon as I swatched the colour of this lip stain I knew I had to have it. It's a peachy colour with a hint of orange and pink shades but without being too overbearing. It applies really well and gives a lot of colour (my Rimmel one had to be applied very often and didn't give out much colour).

You can clearly tell I have a lip product on here but it isn't too powerful and still looks quite natural, which is what drew me to it. The price was once again brilliant for such a good product!

Other affordable make up I really love is MUA and Sleek.
Do you use drug store make up and if so what's your favourite?

Sunday, 26 August 2012

My Week in Words.

Good afternoon.

Craig has now officially moved in with my family (by family, I of course mean myself, mum and cats). We've just graduated from University (2:1's all round, baby!) so we thought the easiest and most importantly, the cheapest option, would be to live at home for a while, whilst we decide what to do with our lives! It really is amazing, we've lived with each other for almost 3 years now, since we attended Uni together, so it was really difficult him going away after Uni since he's from Newcastle and I'm from Blackburn (not the best set up...!) We had to be apart for around 3 weeks before he moved here which was super hard, the longest we've gone before was around 2 weeks. I know many long distance couples go months and months without seeing each other, but I think the time apart affects everyone the same way, it just depends on what you're used to.
It's fine and dandy here in Lancashire and he knows and likes my friends which is a bonus, we can all go out together and get royally merry. The only downside is the amount of bloody football I have to put up with at the weekends!

I'm currently on a job hunt (ugh) which is incredibly tedious. Does anyone else feel a wave of shame and embarrassment come over them when they receive a job rejection letter? I always feel awful. Like I'm not good enough and how dare people be better than me at the job! (lolz)
But good news has come and I've got a job interview next week, yay! But of course, as it's me, and bad luck strikes me everywhere, it has also come with some concern. I've been called for Jury Duty the day before the interview and if I get chosen for the trial I won't be able to attend the interview...! Nightmare. I'm going to phone the job tomorrow and see if I can re-arrange but I feel like an incredible nuisance and I'm so so worried this will affect my chances of getting the job. Luckily, the job is at a school, so run by the local council, so I'm hoping they will have the correct procedures in place.

I did a teeny bit of shopping the other day when we nipped in to town. I've been pining after the Real Techniques 'buffing brush' for so long now, I've seen SO many Youtube videos and blog posts about how utterly amazing it is, but I just kept holding back because you have to buy a full collection to get it. Anyway, I went in to Boots and they had one left, so I obviously saw this as a sign (oops!) and bit the bullet. The buffing brush really is amazing, it's so so so soft and really does give a flawless finish. 

How has your week been and have you any exciting plans for the up and coming weeks?

ps; this is a long shot, but if anyone has had the job interview VS jury duty problem before please let me know how it went! 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

DIY: Storage Boxes.

I've recently graduated from Uni and moved back home for a while, whilst I get myself back on my feet.
Obviously moving back home, all my stuff I've accumulated over the past 3 years at Uni has come with me and believe me, I have a lot of stuff (too much really...!)

I'm hoping to have my room redecorated before Christmas or in the New Year but for the time being I need storage - and lots of it. 
I found a few shoe boxes in our spare room at home and thought they'd be perfect for keeping bits and bobs, such as all my nail polishes, lipsticks, hair bobbles, kirby grips, hair products etc.

The only problem...shoe boxes are dull! I thought of the easiest way to spruce them up and it only cost me £1. 

You will need:

Shoe box, scissors, sellotape, a pen and wrapping paper. 

I got two different kinds of wrapping paper but the one I'm using for this tutorial is the zebra print. It was £1 from Asda supermarket and you get two sheets. 

To start, place your shoe box on top of the wrapping paper in the middle

Then, you're going to get your pen and draw an outline of the box plus an extra inch and cut around the outline.
the closest thing I had was a lipstick, so I used that (woops!) and don't worry if you get pen/pencil/lipstick...! on the box as the wrapping paper will cover this.

Once you've cut out the box outline, you should end up with something like this. 

Put the square you cut out aside as we'll be using this later.
Place your shoe box in the hole you cut out of the paper. 
Then carefully fold the sides up so they cover each side of the box.

If the paper overlaps the sides of the box, then just tuck them over and sellotape them down like so.

Now you need the square piece of paper you cut out earlier, this is going to be used to cover the lid of the box.

Place the paper over the lid and fold down the sides and sellotape (this is why you needed the extra inch!)

Voila! Your box is now finished. All spruced up for £1 and in less than half an hour. 

I decided to add a little extra something to my box which you can also do. I had a little hair bow hanging around that I don't wear any more so just glued it to the side of the box lid.

Have you DIY'd anything recently? Link me if you've made any blog posts about it :)

Monday, 20 August 2012

Pendle Witch Walk

Being born and bred from Lancashire, the story of the Pendle Witches has always been common place and talked about. We learnt about them at school and on Halloween if you decided to be a witch, my mum would often proclaim to 'put me on Pendle Hill'
It's one of the most famous witch trials in England and has always been surrounded with mystery and magic alike. 

So, when my mum informed me she was doing a walk up Pendle Hill for charity, I knew I had to go along and support her.
She then followed with something that would make the day even more special - WITCHES!

The walkers had the chance to dress up as witches, and, if more than 200 did, they would break a world record - fantastic! After about an hour, the count was in and the turn up was 482 witches in one place - a new Guinness world record! Yay!

Witches gathering for the world record count (check out the little dog in his outfit!)

I didn't do the walk as I was still at University at the time of sponsor forms being released but the charity walk was all in aid of Pendleside Hospice who do an amazing job in the area of taking care of the terminally ill. They do events quite often to raise money and you can find out more here.

As I wasn't participating in the walk, and my mum was walking for 5 miles (eek) I strolled around the tiny village of Barley. It was as expected, extremely quaint, quiet (despite the 482 witches) and aesthetically beautiful. It's one of those villages, that when someone not from here imagines England, that is what they picture. As it is, picture perfect.

The Pendle Witch trial occurred in 1612 and consisted of 12 witches, all having been accused of witchcraft. All were on trial for murder and were eventually hanged at Lancaster castle. 

It's hard to imagine the thought of real witches, all around cauldrons, cackling in to the skies above! Quite a crazy thought, and maybe one of myths but still something incredibly interesting to be part of our history.


One of the funniest things I've found whilst researching the Pendle Witches was a quote about Lancashire:
Lancashire, a county which, at the end of the 16th century, was regarded by the authorities as a wild and lawless region.
I can just imagine it! 

Anyway, on my walk through the village, I came across a teeny tiny tea shop, so small, upon first inspection I thought it was just someone's cottage. As I was on my own, I would usually just pine to go inside but be to shy to do so. Instead, a wave of urgency for tea and scones came over me and before I knew it I was being seated. 
I wasn't wrong to think it was someone's house, as inside it really was like sitting in someone's front room. It was so cosy and friendly, a really great atmosphere for a lovely cream tea!

 I got bored waiting around for 3 hours so decided to get a little cat on my face!

Scarecrow witch!

 I loved this lady, she was so colourful and had a super hand puppet dragon?! Amazing!

So, Momma K finally finished her walk in around 3 hours. Apparently there was 9 thousand steps to climb, 9 thousand!
I wondered why it took her so long...

The day unfortunately ended on a slight low as my mum ended up getting bitten by a wasp - twice! So we had to take a visit to St John's Ambulance. I've never had to use their service before but I have to say they are blimmin' wonderful. So friendly and professional and I can't believe these people volunteer in their own free time to help other people, they really are something special.

I think it's great to go on days out, and especially do and see things you wouldn't normally explore.
Next week we're going to a Viking Re-enactment over in Bolton so expect to see a post about that soon :)

Have you been to any great days out over the summer?