Wednesday, 4 April 2012

You would've said "i love you" on the cutest place on earth.

Long time no speak! I guess this is my life in pictures over the last 3 weeks I've been absent. I finally made the plunge and got an iPhone. My phone before that was an £80 as you can imagine I haven't put the iPhone down since I got it. 

1 & 2: My mum came up from Lancashire for Mothers Day a few weeks ago. It was lovely to see her as usual but she could only stay a few days due to work. Anyways, we went for a meal in South Shields and it was lovely apart from the dessert...we got Eton Mess which was basically yoghurt. No cream. No meringue. Just fruit and some weird stuff. ERM NO. So I had to venture out and get one of the infamous Minchella ice creams - it made up ten fold for the disaster of an Eton Mess. 
One of my close friends lives in London now and works for a promotion company. Luckily for me she doesn't know anyone who lives up near the Newcastle area so whenever she has gig tickets she hasn't sold for up there I get them for free! This one was for the X Factor tour...lolz I know right! But it was free and me and my Hannah got a bit tipsy and had a good time. I touched Marcus Collins' hand...zing. 

3 & 4: I've been spending looooads of time with Craig lately. Yay! Not that we're ever apart since we live together and attend the same University but I love being around him /sop. It seems we both have gained a soft spot for each others football teams (a big deal to him since he used to hate my team!)
We went to the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle to watch the Hunger Games. If you don't know about the Tynside Cinema it's a little independent cinema in the centre of Newcastle and it's lovely. It's like being in a home cinema. I didn't know much about the Hunger Games but I enjoyed it and ended up buying the book which I'm now reading. Craig referred to it as 'Battle Royale for Twilight fans'...

5 & 6: This time last week the weather was GLORIOUS. It peaked to around 23c in Sunderland/Newcastle. I ended up missing half of a lecture because me and Steph just ended up sitting on the grass outside Uni and not moving till a few hours later! Obviously summery weather calls for cider. This is all not relevant any more since the weather has took a turn for the worst and it SUCKS. 
One of the reasons I haven't blogged for quite a while is because I am so bogged down with Dissertation work. I have spent forever staring at that screen in the studio, forever editing. Urghhh. I know it has to be done but it's wearing me down every so slowly. Once I finish for the day I never have any energy to do anything, never mind blog. Sorry!

7 & 8: Another reason I haven't blogged for a while is because I needed a bit of a break from it. I hadn't been in it that long but I was finding myself wanting everything everyone else had on their blogs and spending money I didn't need to spend. It just wasn't healthy for my sense of being or my bank balance!
Even so, I treated myself to some new shoes since all mine have fallen apart. I got these boat shoes from River Island and I love them but they have caused me many a painful blister :(
A few posts ago I mentioned those hair extensions I bought and how I was utterly useless and could not for the life of me put them in or make them look nice or ANYTHING. Well, guess what, I've gone and mastered it. Hooray! I figured out how to wave my hair using straightners and since then I've worn them everyday. 

9 & 10: So this Tuesday I made my way back from the North East to the North West. It's always stressful, ALWAYS. I can never travel without being stressed. It started out on a bad foot. On the way to the metro the wind was that strong it SNAPPED MY UMBRELLA IN HALF. It was also raining sideways and snowing. Excellent start to the day and ending up soaking wet in skinny jeans with a 4 hour train journey to go. Bleh. My caramel latte from starbucks and first class travel made it a little bit better. 
I always complain about my home town and where I'm from, but I have to admit, as soon as I roll up on the train and go through the Lancashire hills I feel at home. I really feel it.

11 & 12: So! Now we're all up to date and I am home which means baths and cats :)