Sunday, 11 March 2012

DIY: Stud denim shorts.

I do tend to make a lot of DIY stuff so I guess I better start blogging about it!

These shorts were orginally jeans - years ago, back in my 'emo' and 'mosher' days, I bought some boy jeans - actual mens jeans from TK Maxx. Queue several years forward and I no longer wear such a monstrosity. So I cut off the legs and voila!

I was looking for some studs on eBay but so many are located in China and they take about 6 weeks to arrive, but luckily I found a UK seller, hurrah.

Then I just placed the studs were I wanted them - they go in pretty easily.

It'll probably be impossible for you to press the spikes down with your fingers, so I used the sides of a scissor, worked pretty well!

Here they are!
I just did the outer pockets so the studs wouldn't end up digging in my skin (ouch)!

my big ol'booty (hey Minnie gurl, hey!)

They worked really well and look great. They're currently in quite a few shops (I've seen them in Miss Selfridge) for about £40 - DIY is so easy, it took me about 20 minutes overall.

~mirror shot~

Note* Please be careful if you try this. I pricked my finger several times with the stud spikes - they are surprisingly sharp. If you also decide to use scissors to press down the spikes be extra careful! The blade can slip and end in disaster. So take your time.

How has everyone's weekend been?
I haven't done much. I did some editing for my dissertation and then tonight me, Craig and my house mate Becca have been watching Crufts and squeeing over all the dogs.
So gutted Jimmy the Old English Sheepdog didn't win :( I LOVED HIM. 
But we're all happy that Brutas the Newfoundland got second :)