Tuesday, 28 February 2012

MUA: Can cheap be good?

A few months back I'd never heard of MUA. Not in the 'blogging world' or word of mouth. I was just wandering round Superdrug aimlessly having a nosey at make up and I saw this new counter at the end of the make up aisle. I had a browse as it was new...and I thought my eyes were deceiving me. £1 lipstick?! £1 nail varnish?! £3 eye shadow palette?! And, no word of a lie, my heart did a little back flip. Until I realised...this must be cheap for a reason right? Right?! 
Since nothing came above £5 for one item, I took a gamble and bought some nail varnishes and eyebrow pencil, pretty basic stuff. 
Much to my amazement, there was no catch. My nails didn't fall off and my eyebrows didn't go a funny colour. It worked. And it worked WELL. 

I'm not for buying make up for the sake of it. Sure, my make up bag is huge, but it's all stuff I need and use. 
Lately I've been after a nude/brown eye shadow palette after watching a Pixiwoo youtube video about brown eye shadow and blue eyes (me). 

So, off I went in to town, found myself at the MUA counter and this beauty staring at me. It was £3. THREE ENGLISH POUNDS. My heart did that funny thing again...

It's the Heaven and Earth palette and has some really nice colours. There's no matte in them but it's still amazing for the price. 

You also get an applicator too. I have a professional make up brush kit so I use those, but I did use this one for the swatches. 

I'm very pale I know but at least the eye shadows stand out more ;)

Ok so I went and put eyeliner over the colour here so you can't really see it.
BUT NEVER FEAR. I am also wearing MUA lipstick in 'juicy' - it's a coral colour and gorgeous. 

This is a bit better. I'm wearing three of the shades here. The first one from my swatch, seventh and tenth. 

This is totally off topic but look how amazing my new owl earrings are! £1.50 from River Island :)

Have you tried any MUA products? How are they for you?

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Home is wherever I'm with you.

Jacket: vintage, Top: New Look, Skirt: Primark, Leggings: H&M. 

I am 100% useless, generally in day to day life but also when taking blog pictures. The reason I'm a bit more to the left is because my washing basket was in the photo & I didn't realise till I uploaded so I had to crop it out. Bleh.
Speaking of the washing basket, half my whites have gone GREY. One measly pair of grey knickers and boom! white vest now grey, boyfriend's white socks now grey, white pyjamas now grey. Grey grey grey grey GREY. 

Sorry there's no pictures of my face, if you read my previous post, my allergy is finally clearing up. Hurrah. I still want to avoid make up for the most part until it's completely gone, so today I went make up free, mainly because I went to the gym.
Oh the gym. You pesky thing you. I renewed my membership and totally forgot how all the machines worked. Naturally made a complete tit out of myself by almost falling off one of them the other day.

Rucksack: Primark.

I haven't used a rucksack for 8 years, back when I was 15, in school and a bit of a chav. So instead of it being high on my back, it happily bounced off my bum. Horrendous. 
Anyways, I forgot how much I love rucksacks! They don't get in the way (unless you knock lots of things off a shelf) and they (surprisingly) keep your back toasty warm, bonus. 

Shoes: Topshop

I have been after these little beauties for a while but always pulled myself a way telling myself I didn't need anymore shoes. Then on a recent shopping trip I was getting increasingly annoyed at all the summer clothing and high street shops assuming we live in Hawaii with all the brights and big florals and pineapple...attire. 
So, I pranced over to the shoe section in Topshop and bought them. 
I love them. They get a bit dirty though since they're nude but a quick wipe down with a wipe and they're back to being squeaky clean. 

I have nothing to report for this week...I've just been to Uni and lounged around. I am DYING to go on holiday though. My mum is currently sunning herself in Lanzarote ~mum's on tour 2k12~
Hopefully we'll still go somewhere in the summer.

Are you off anywhere nice this year?

Saturday, 18 February 2012

1. Romwe, 2. River Island, 3. Asos, 4. Topshop, 5. Kurt Geiger, 6. Asos.

I'm still here.
I was going to do an outfit post this week but then disaster struck. 
Wednesday morning I awoke to the skin on my face feeling hella weird. Usually the skin on my face is nice and smooth and soft so I naturally wondered WTF. 
It then started itchy, burning and was bright red. GRRREAT. 
Then this morning I woke up and my right cheek, just under my eye was super swollen, I could hardly open my eye.
I have no idea what's going on...the pharmacist seems to think it's an allergy so I've been smothering my face in e45 cream and taking antihistamine tablets.
It sucks 'cause I can't put make up on but I have to leave the house, so I've been a walking tomato. 
Bleh bleh bleh.

Hopefully everything will resume to normal soon...!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Darling if you answer, oh we'll wander.

I'm home again! Everytime I make a blog post I seem to be at home...most probably because I have nothing to do whilst I'm here apart from watch Pointless. 
This week I'm conducting interviews for my dissertation project (which you can find more about here) hence why I'm home. Uni is so stressful. I remember in first year when everyone said first year is a doddle, just wait till third year...I never believed them, oh how I wish I did. It is SO much work.

I'm guessing everyone has been after ELLE this week to grab their mits on the Thick & Fast Soap and Glory mascara. I kept reading people couldn't find this months ELLE anywhere so I didn't have much hope of finding a copy. However! As I was about to depart on my very long journey back, I had a browse in WH Smiths at Newcastle central station, and voila! One copy left! Ossum. 

Literally no make up on at all here. I am half ginger, hence why my eyelashes have hardly any colour to them, so without mascara I look quite ill, if I had dark lashes I would look a lot better, alas, my genes did not allow this. So this is my ~before~ the mascara look. I'm super fussy about mascara's. I can never really find any that make me go 'wow' since I have short & extremely light lashes. Boohoo.

Also, I never noticed until I took these close up pictures, but I have a speck of brown colour in my eye! Weird...
The mascara is called 'Thick & Fast' and that's what it does really, makes your lashes quite thick and black, which I like. The only thing it lacks for me is it doesn't make them much longer. I'm not sure if I would have shelled out £10.50 for this, but as a freebie it's brill. 

I ran out of my trusy Photo ready Revlon foundation the other week so popped to Boots to get some. Ended up coming out having spent £40. How does this happen?! Argh.
Anyway, Boots had a deal on that with any Revlon liquid foundation you get a free lip product for free. Bonus! I usually wear red lipstick, and I'm particular fond of my plum coloured lippy at the mo but I decided to opt for something different. I went for a pink matte shade, just something I can wear during the day that's quite subtle. 

It's not AS bright as I would like but I do find myself wearing it most days now so I'm certainly a fan.

Bloody hell, I have gone and bought myself some hair extensions (lolz, I know right?!) I have a million dilemmas when it comes to them so I'm not sure why I bought them...I just crave long hair I guess. And 2 of my house mates have them and they always look ace with them in so I followed suit. Except I am utterly useless beyond belief.

If you're wondering why it's a picture of just the hair on it's own and not on my head, well, simply put, it's because I JUST CAN'T DO IT. It's a complete nightmare. I have watched 50 bajillion Youtube videos and I still just can't grasp it. I can clip them in fine, but I just can't get around hiding all my layers, especially since I have short-ish hair. I'm going to get my mum to layer my extensions in hope that they will look better...stupid things. I got them off eBay for £28.99 and they are 18"
Obviously you can get really thick ones for twice the price but I'm kind of cheap so. 

Ok I think that's it...if you have any advice on hair extension application then please let me know.