Thursday, 20 December 2012

You're my sweetheart.

A few posts below I mentioned how I was currently in the process of decorating my room. Now, with work and laziness, it took longer than expected (who knew paint took so long to dry?!) But finally, it's pretty much finished.

 Duvet set: tesco, fairy lights: asda

 throw: jysk

 Bedside cabinet: British Heart Foundation (we repainted it white), handle: b&q, oriental box: jysk

 Candle: next home, cat: oswaldtwistle mills.

 decorative heart: next home

 prince puss necklace: cheap frills

 David Bowie frame: gift, vase with flowers: ikea.

 Bookcase: b&q (we repainted it white), fluffy lights: argos, lucky cat: on holiday, yankee candle.

 I am Maru book: amazon.

 ribbons: vivenne westwood, new look, urban outfitters. drawers: really old!

 postcard: oswaldtwistle mills

 storage boxes: b&m bargains, bowie magnet: gift

 dream sweet dreams: next home

ta da.

It's pretty simplistic, which is how I wanted it really. I noticed last time, my room was super cluttered, had things plastered all over the wall, things pinned everywhere and it just wasn't my thing anymore, I couldn't relax in my room because there was just so much stuff. 

Out of shot is my wardrobe (boring - similar to my drawers), my pink Christmas tree (which my mum bought for her conservatory but then decided it made the house look like a 'sexy boudoir' so gave it to me...?!), my DVD stand and my TV. Pretty standard stuff. I'm awaiting to put my TV on my wall which is why I haven't pictured it 'cause it's currently just on a coffee table.

I'm so glad I've finally finished it, I really love it. I feel like I can finally come to my room and take some time out and have some me time. 

How have your past few weeks been? 
Unfortunately I've been pretty ill :(
My gallbladder is playing up again (I usually get what people call 'attacks' in which my gallbladder would have me in severe pain for a few hours then not come back again for a few months).
However this time, it's stayed. I've been in constant pain for a full week now, it's horrible. I've been in a&e twice, on morphine, been to the doctors, I'm on tramadol, codeine, paracetomol, neurofen and buscopan...that's how horrendous the pain is!
I had to come home from work today because I was practically doubled over in the fitting rooms. I hate not going to work because you let everyone down and I always feel like people don't think you're as ill as you say you are!
We're super busy over Christmas too so I'm hoping to go back to work at the weekend. I'm currently waiting for a scan so it can confirm gallstones and then await surgery.

Craig has gone home for Christmas :( hmpf. As you may have noticed, I have the prince puss necklace now as we always swap presents before he leaves for home and he'd read my blog and bought it :) he also got me a kindle case, brave DVD and a £10 amazon voucher for said new kindle. Hooray!

Phew! I think that's me all updated for now.


  1. It looks so nice Katie! Proper cosy and homely :)

  2. That looks lovely, really relaxing:D I love that necklace, so cute. :)
    Hope you can get on the mend soon.


    Lorna xxx

  3. Awww I love the look of your bedroom! I'm hoping to move in February and will definitely need some inspiration for my new room!

    1. thanks! it does take a while to realise what you want your room to be like!

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  5. it looks lovely! i love all the lights, they makes it look so pretty and cosy!
    definitely following!
    check out my blog as well? xx

  6. Love it! ♡ I was going to do a blog on redecorating my room too, but I have yet to redecorate it.

    Great Bowie/Cat motif going on.


  7. Super cute bedroom! Love the duvet cover and I love fairy lights for making a room lovely and cosy! Liking your blog so far, please pop over to mine too if you get chance :)
    Chloe xx


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