Friday, 26 October 2012

Instablog #5

001. I guess I best start with the biggest change in my life over the past few weeks and that is my new job. I mentioned in an earlier post that I'd tell you all about it soon enough, so here it is! I'd been trawling through job search websites for months after finishing Uni and like most graduates, I wasn't getting anywhere fast. I was applying for most things I had experience in such as retail and admin/reception work. It's quite odd finishing a degree and then going to get an everyday job I could have got without my degree, it almost makes it feel useless. But I know more than anyone that I didn't go to University for solely an educational value so it doesn't bother me all that much. I also have quite an obscure degree and it is immensely difficult to get a job in my particular area, and well, I can't go on waiting for one to jump out at me and not do anything else in the mean time. So that's where I was at. I got a phone call about a job position I'd applied for, went along to the interview and low and behold, got the bloody thing!

002. I now work for Women's Aid, a charity who support women and children (also, men) against domestic violence of all kinds. Now, I'm not making this sound like I'm super woman, as I'm 'only' an administrator there, but it's...fulfilling. I still feel like I'm part of the group that helps despite not being in direct contact with the victims. It is extremely interesting, severely upsetting and incredibly insightful. Obviously as it's quite a confidential job I cannot say too much and plaster it all over the internet but I am enjoying it. My first week was a little bit crappy as I'm horrifically shy, so it takes me a while to get used to an office setting. This week was my second week and I've settled in a lot more. It definitely helps that everyone is super nice and friendly, I don't feel like the outcast new person. I can also wear whatever like, which is a bonus! I've never had a job in which I didn't have to wear a uniform (bleh). So that's where we're at with my employment side of life. Now for play...

003. I went out with my friends last Friday night as it was a friends birthday and another friend was home from Spain (where she lives). We went to the pub for a couple then back to their house for a party. As usual with my friends, it was complete madness. Tequila slammers. Blasting speakers. Dancing on sofas. Jonathan Ross masks. Destiny's Child playlists. You get the you can imagine, it all got rather merry. Craig decided to drink rum. Straight. This resulted in us getting home, him falling asleep and then puking ALL OVER my bed. It's a good job I was in bed next to him otherwise I wouldn't have him here today. He would have choked to death on his own sick. It really opened my eyes how alcohol can kill people in many different ways. It scared the shit out of me and I made him buy me a new duvet! The silly sod.

004. There you have it. I think we're all up to date now. My posting will be very sporadic as I work full time, Monday to Friday but I always have the weekend to catch up, a little bit like now. I think what will happen is I'll try and post something during the week, whatever day that might be, then do a little catch up at the weekend.

I hope you've all had a lovely week :)


  1. Cute post :)
    I often have a cheeky wine after work myself :) x

    1. Last week I was having a glass every night until the bottle went! This week I haven't had any which I think says a lot in how I'm settling etc :)


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