Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Body Shop - Rainforest Moisture

Earlier this week I was walking through my local town centre, whilst browsing on my phone. I have O2 Priority Moments and had a quick look if there was anything I could get my mitts on and just my luck, that particular week, there was!
It was a gift from The Body Shop worth £10...for free!

Rainforest Moisture for Dry Hair

Like most people, the main thing I have tried from The Body Shop is their 'body butters' which I utterly adore and always have. I always try and get a few when they go half price! 

Rainforest moisture hair butter, Rainforest moisture shampoo, Rainforest moisture conditioner, a Body Shop comb.

So, back on to the review! These are the products you get inside the pack. They are travel size (60ml) so great for taking on a weekend away/holiday. The comb is great, I love combs like these and keep them in the shower so I can always brush through my conditioner thoroughly to make sure it gets every last strand!

 Rainforest moisture shampoo

Rainforest moisture conditioner.

The main thing I noticed when using the products is the smell. It really is fresh, natural and refreshing. There is no artificial perfumed smells or over powering herbs.
The shampoo lathered quite well with my hair and I'd say I used about half the bottle for one wash (remember, they are tiny).
The conditioner I used the full bottle (lolz) but I always use LOTS of conditioner because my hair is bleached so quite damaged, it needs all the love and care possible! 

Rainforest moisture hair butter 50ml.

The instructions for the hair butter is to apply it on damp hair after you have used the shampoo, which is what I did. Hair butters have a thicker texture to shampoos, almost like body butters. 
Like the shampoo and condtioner, this smelt untouched and almost, green?! 
After using all the products, I left my hair to dry naturally, as when I blow dry it goes super crazy frizzy and doesn't feel as nice. 
As you can imagine, once it was dry it was incredibly soft and all the items together really worked on my hair. It just goes to show that natural products can do exactly the same as those with hundreds of chemicals in them. 
I would definitely purchase more hair care from The Body Shop, I was impressed with the quality and aesthetic look of the product.

Disclaimer: I got this item for free just like any another O2 customer could have. As always, this is a fair and honest review of my experience with the product. 

What are your favourite Body Shop products?


  1. Oh wow, what a bargain! I'd love to give this a sniff.

    The Style Rawr!

  2. i never tried hair butter, and lord knows i need to :D
    i'll def, try it, that sounds so great.



    1. It really is good, it's quite thick but works in to the hair really well!

  3. Lovely blog.
    I hear that you can get 4 free Millies cookies with your O2 Priority Moments today !!


    1. I wish we had a Millie's cookies here :(

  4. I just purchased the Rainforest shampoo recently! My favorite body shop product right now is probably the Tee Tree Night Fade lotion and the Vitamin C serum. It works fabulously as a primer, and provides for a nice matte finish to the skin before applying makeup.

    Lovely blog by the way, subscribed!


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