Sunday, 16 September 2012

Instablog #2

I haven't done much this week, these pictures are from the past 2 weeks or so from my instagram (katiebowie).
I had a job interview on Friday and went in town today, that's about all I've done! I bought a new over sized jumper and some chelsea boots (finally!) so hopefully my tripod arrives next week so I can show you all.
I'm also on a diet this week...don't even ask. It's been pretty grim. I have lost 5lbs though! Cray cray. Next week will resume to semi normal eating so no crankiness...phew!

It's Craig's birthday next week but he's going home :( I'll be able to see him on his birthday but after that I'll be all alone during the day, waa. I can't even give him his main present because it's not even out yet...bloody FIFA 13...yes he asked for it. I have got him a few little pressies to open on the day though!

On Wednesday I finally have an appointment for my wisdom tooth. A couple of years ago now I had one wisdom tooth out and had to go to hospital and be put to sleep for it! Which loads of people find strange 'cause they just have theirs out at the dentist. So anyways, my other tooth has been causing me jip so it's time to get it sorted, hopefully I don't have to have a general anaesthetic again, I cried the first time!

Have you anything planned next week?


  1. nice candle there! im a candle girl lol. wish u had a pic of ur boots! mandy @ x

    1. I never used to be in to candles cause the smell gives me a headache but I love lightly scented ones now like vanilla! Xo

  2. Your blog is so nice, would you like to follow each other, i just followe dyou...keep in touch !!! kiss

  3. Your cat is so cute! Love your blog x

  4. I love your dalmation pyjamas! I live in my honey monster ones. Just seen your post above- glad your tooth is finally sorted, that was a whopper of a tooth!xx


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