Friday, 21 September 2012

Be mine!

Be mine

1. topshop, 2. river island, 3. zara, 4. topshop, 5. asos, 6. asos.

Just a quick little update as I haven't posted in almost a week now.
On Wednesday my tripod finally arrived (hooray) so I was all set to do an outfit post that day and publish it. Then, obviously because it's me, disastuh struck. Kind of.
I (unexpectedly!) got my wisdom tooth taken out. Long story short, since Wednesday I have been quite poorly because of it. My face has swelled up to the size of Japan and my mouth is super duper sore, so not something you'd want to see on an outfit post!
Anyways, my swelling became quite severe last night so I had to make a trip to the emergency dentist who prescribed me with two lots of anti-biotics. She said I arrived just in time as by today I would have struggled breathing...!

Hopefully it will all settle down soon and I can resume life as normal.
Here is my tooth and this is how I look (my face has tripled in size!)


  1. Gorgeous wishlist, freaky tooth! haha xx

    1. It is a bit weird when you see your own tooth! I want to make it in to a necklace :3 xo

  2. Ouch! Poor you, hope you're feeling better x

  3. I love the shoes! Hope you feel better now xxx

  4. The heart top is LOVELY! I love anything with hearts on, so girly! Hope you're feeling better now after having tooth taken out :( xxx

    1. I know, it's so nice! I love that it's monochrome too...ah!
      Yes my tooth is getting better now thanks :3

  5. love the boots and watch!
    oh poor you! hope you okay now x


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