Tuesday, 28 February 2012

MUA: Can cheap be good?

A few months back I'd never heard of MUA. Not in the 'blogging world' or word of mouth. I was just wandering round Superdrug aimlessly having a nosey at make up and I saw this new counter at the end of the make up aisle. I had a browse as it was new...and I thought my eyes were deceiving me. £1 lipstick?! £1 nail varnish?! £3 eye shadow palette?! And, no word of a lie, my heart did a little back flip. Until I realised...this must be cheap for a reason right? Right?! 
Since nothing came above £5 for one item, I took a gamble and bought some nail varnishes and eyebrow pencil, pretty basic stuff. 
Much to my amazement, there was no catch. My nails didn't fall off and my eyebrows didn't go a funny colour. It worked. And it worked WELL. 

I'm not for buying make up for the sake of it. Sure, my make up bag is huge, but it's all stuff I need and use. 
Lately I've been after a nude/brown eye shadow palette after watching a Pixiwoo youtube video about brown eye shadow and blue eyes (me). 

So, off I went in to town, found myself at the MUA counter and this beauty staring at me. It was £3. THREE ENGLISH POUNDS. My heart did that funny thing again...

It's the Heaven and Earth palette and has some really nice colours. There's no matte in them but it's still amazing for the price. 

You also get an applicator too. I have a professional make up brush kit so I use those, but I did use this one for the swatches. 

I'm very pale I know but at least the eye shadows stand out more ;)

Ok so I went and put eyeliner over the colour here so you can't really see it.
BUT NEVER FEAR. I am also wearing MUA lipstick in 'juicy' - it's a coral colour and gorgeous. 

This is a bit better. I'm wearing three of the shades here. The first one from my swatch, seventh and tenth. 

This is totally off topic but look how amazing my new owl earrings are! £1.50 from River Island :)

Have you tried any MUA products? How are they for you?


  1. I really like MUA stuff, it's very decent for the price. The lipsticks are good! x

  2. I haven't tried any of it before but I've seen so many good reviews on it lately that I'm going to have to check it out!!!


  3. Really want to try out some MUA stuff, the price is amazing. The earrings are so cute as well :) x

  4. I've never tried it, because I'm not sure if they have MUA in the US, but e.l.f is kind of similar, I'm guessing! I've been lusting after a neutral eyeshadow palette lately. I might just look towards the drugstore makeup counter to get my fix!

    Great review lady!

    1. They have an online store you can order from at www.muastore.co.uk and they ship internationally :)

      I cannot praise this brand highly enough - affordable, highly pigmented, good range of colours and products, and excellent customer service. They're one of those brands that just get it consistently right!

      Great blog!


  5. I have these eye pallets and I'm forever using them everyday! So highly recommended for the price they are as well! And I just have to say I LOVE the name of you're blog. What is better than crying in your house alone about being a crazy cat spinster lady whilst wearing a pair of fashionable brogues?

    Gemma x


  6. Cute blog (love the name- brogues are the best!) I think this make up looks fine- never tried it but then at a £1 there is nothing to lose really and maybe it might unearth some great finds- im going to keep a look out!


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