Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Darling if you answer, oh we'll wander.

I'm home again! Everytime I make a blog post I seem to be at home...most probably because I have nothing to do whilst I'm here apart from watch Pointless. 
This week I'm conducting interviews for my dissertation project (which you can find more about here) hence why I'm home. Uni is so stressful. I remember in first year when everyone said first year is a doddle, just wait till third year...I never believed them, oh how I wish I did. It is SO much work.

I'm guessing everyone has been after ELLE this week to grab their mits on the Thick & Fast Soap and Glory mascara. I kept reading people couldn't find this months ELLE anywhere so I didn't have much hope of finding a copy. However! As I was about to depart on my very long journey back, I had a browse in WH Smiths at Newcastle central station, and voila! One copy left! Ossum. 

Literally no make up on at all here. I am half ginger, hence why my eyelashes have hardly any colour to them, so without mascara I look quite ill, if I had dark lashes I would look a lot better, alas, my genes did not allow this. So this is my ~before~ the mascara look. I'm super fussy about mascara's. I can never really find any that make me go 'wow' since I have short & extremely light lashes. Boohoo.

Also, I never noticed until I took these close up pictures, but I have a speck of brown colour in my eye! Weird...
The mascara is called 'Thick & Fast' and that's what it does really, makes your lashes quite thick and black, which I like. The only thing it lacks for me is it doesn't make them much longer. I'm not sure if I would have shelled out £10.50 for this, but as a freebie it's brill. 

I ran out of my trusy Photo ready Revlon foundation the other week so popped to Boots to get some. Ended up coming out having spent £40. How does this happen?! Argh.
Anyway, Boots had a deal on that with any Revlon liquid foundation you get a free lip product for free. Bonus! I usually wear red lipstick, and I'm particular fond of my plum coloured lippy at the mo but I decided to opt for something different. I went for a pink matte shade, just something I can wear during the day that's quite subtle. 

It's not AS bright as I would like but I do find myself wearing it most days now so I'm certainly a fan.

Bloody hell, I have gone and bought myself some hair extensions (lolz, I know right?!) I have a million dilemmas when it comes to them so I'm not sure why I bought them...I just crave long hair I guess. And 2 of my house mates have them and they always look ace with them in so I followed suit. Except I am utterly useless beyond belief.

If you're wondering why it's a picture of just the hair on it's own and not on my head, well, simply put, it's because I JUST CAN'T DO IT. It's a complete nightmare. I have watched 50 bajillion Youtube videos and I still just can't grasp it. I can clip them in fine, but I just can't get around hiding all my layers, especially since I have short-ish hair. I'm going to get my mum to layer my extensions in hope that they will look better...stupid things. I got them off eBay for £28.99 and they are 18"
Obviously you can get really thick ones for twice the price but I'm kind of cheap so. 

Ok I think that's it...if you have any advice on hair extension application then please let me know.


  1. Love your blog - following now =)
    The lipp really suits you! x

  2. The mascara looks fantastic, what a great freebie! The lipstick looks lovely xx

  3. Had no idea about this freebie :p may see if i can grab a copy somewhere :P the lipstick looks soo nice on you! http://thekeytoconstantia.blogspot.com
    xx now following

  4. Loved this freebie and I rarely buy Elle magazine but the mascara is absolutely amazing! Lippy shade suits you, very natural :)

  5. That mascara looks like it works a treat :) I'm crappy at hair extensions too but luckily i have friends who are good at them and they basically put mine in for me. Sometimes if I can't get them to look natural enough I actually take a quick nap in them! I end up messing them up a bit so they blend in really well to my hair :)



    1. I think I've finally managed to do them! i figured if I make them wavy and wave my natural hair they blond so much better. Just means i have to have them wavy instead of straight, i don't mind though, i feel like a mermaid!

  6. I love the mascara! Didn't realise how expensive it is ,probably wouldn't buy it again but i'll enjoy it while it lasts. x hivenn

  7. Ooh I love your lipstick. I always seem to spend loads in Boots too..it's too easy!

    Great blog by the way, I'm now following xx

  8. You look so pretty here :D That mascara looks great also x



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