Thursday, 26 January 2012


I wasn't going to make another blog post until Saturday when we're having a house party for 2 of my friends birthdays but the lovely Abbi over at Petitfilous has just informed me she has given me the versatile blogger award!

Colour me shocked! I am very new to blogging and all my posts are pretty amateur I guess, but I just post things that I myself would want to read about. I never in a million years thought others would want to read my ramblings or look at my clothes, never mind be given something, so thank you!

I also wanted to make a little side note to this post:
As I often moan about on this blog (sorry!) I am in my third year and creating my dissertation which is a radio documentary about cochlear implants and how they effect the deaf world. Now I know not many people who read my blog will be interested in this, or even know what a cochlear implant is! But I plan to use the blog to update about my dissertation and put deaf news on there.
You don't even have to read it if you don't want to, but since all you guys have blogspot it will be easy peasy for you to just press 'follow' - thanks again guys!

Dissertation blog - My Deaf Journey.


  1. I am in LOVE with your darling blog!!! So excited I stumbled across you...when I saw "cats" and "brogues" together, I just knew I'd like your style :) Excited to read more, congrats on your award. Following you :)

    <3 Cambria

  2. Absolutely fantastic!!! You have an amazing blog! You're brilliant! Have a great day! :-)

  3. Well done! & good luck with your dissertation, i'm studying Biomedical Science and i'm just starting my honours project too, so much stress! xx

  4. Congrats on the award :)
    If you find a while, take a look also at my outfits:
    The newest one is inspired by... Pink Panther! ;)
    If you like it, please follow me via GFC.
    I'll be happy to follow you back. :)
    Joanna from

  5. Congratulations! Your blog is adorable! =)

  6. Congratulations! Your blog is one of my favourites to read :) xxx

  7. congrats!
    i just stumbled across your blog, it's great :)
    now following xx

    follow back?


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