Monday, 26 December 2011

Toothpaste kisses.

Hello! I hope which ever Holiday you celebrate was great yesterday. I had a lovely Christmas day. My mum thought I'd burnt the turkey which I really hadn't at all the skin was just gorrrrgeously crispy, mmm. 
I was utterly spoilt present wise and got lots of wonderful gifts. 

I went to the sales today, yes, the boxing day sales! Luckily I live in quite a small town so it wasn't as bad as some places.

I'd been after this jumper for AGES. I saw it on the River Island website a while ago and always ummed and ahhed whether to buy it and never did.

Anyway, today I spotted it in the sale rack, there was one left and low and behold it was my size!! Hooray.

I apologise for the bad quality pictures that are about to follow, I'm going to buy a tripod as soon as I get back to Uni so no more mirror shots.

The navy lace top I got today from Primark, it was £6! 

Wishbone necklace, Topshop.
I didn't buy this dress today, my bloomin' marvellous boyfriend Craig bought me it for Christmas.

Dress, River Island.
You might notice I have quite a thing for lace.

I suppose the next big occasion we all face is NYE. I hate it. Utterly detest it. Yes let's pay twice as much for an equally poo night! No thanks. 
NYE day I will be at a farm (yes, a farm) with baby Keira, my mum and Craig and NYE night I will be snuggled on the sofa watching films with the odd glass of vino.

Have a good one!


  1. I need that wishbone necklace! xo

  2. That wishbone necklace is lovely!

  3. The necklace was in the sale so only £3.75, you
    should try get your hands on it guys!


  4. the spotty peter pan collar is cute! I really hate NYE aswell, too pricy and overhyped. x

  5. I love the wishbone necklace and the white dress. Great blog.

    I love the boxing sale day. Too bad there is none in the US.

  6. love the white lacey dress, its perfect! xx

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  8. I love the dalmatian collar on the RI jumper,great blog :) x


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