Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sleepy Sunday.

Before I start, I'm just going to add a little something. I took loads of photos this week on my camera but I seem to have lost the USB lead for it, therefore all the pictures on today's post are from my phone camera (which is rubbish) so that's why the quality is pretty poor. A new usb is in the post so fingers crossed we'll have nice shiny pictures by my next post. Anyway...
 I have finally returned home from the extremely cold North East where I attend University back to my Lancashire home. Yay! I am one of those people that gets extremely home sick. I remember a few weeks ago in November when I had just returned back to Uni from my reading week, and I hadn't been in the door 5 minutes before I broke down in tears, crying and wailing on my boyfriend's shoulder that I wanted to go back home...what a mess! 

I also tend to do things very last's a horrible habit. If I'm going out with my friends, I am guaranteed to be the last one ready, oops! Anyway, as you can imagine, I didn't start packing to go home until an hour before I was supposed to leave. I only had one dilemma though, in that I couldn't fit my precious Yellow in my suitcase.

Yes, his name is Yellow. I've had him since I was a child and as you can tell, I was clearly very literal back then. I managed to squish and squeeze him down the side of my suitcase, so he came home with me, hurrah.

One of the reasons I love about coming home is it's just so cosy, especially over Christmas with all our decorations, being toasty warm and a big TV. My Uni house is a nightmare, the living room is FREEZING. I live with 9 other people including myself so the kitchen is always, well, gross.

Therefore when I come home I indulge in the one thing I can't do at Uni and that is bake!

I made some Christmas biscuits today and had the kitchen all to myself whilst listening to Queen Beyonce and shaking my tush.

I got the recipe from BBC Good Food but altered it a little to fit what I wanted to do.
This is what you will need:

For the dough:
140g icing sugar sieved
1tsp vanilla extract 1 egg yolk
250g butter
375g plain flour sieved

200g icing sugar sieved
Edible food colouring of your choice
and any form of decoration! In my case, I used white piping icing.

They are so simple to make and look great with decocration. I'm pretty sure they're meant for kids but whatever.

Just a few tips when making them:
Clean up as you saves you lots of mess at the end!
If the dough is a little flaky, add some milk.
Wear an apron...flour is a nightmare.
If you don't have non stick paper (like me) just grease your baking tray with butter and flour.

I haven't tried them yet as I'm waiting for all the icing to dry so not sure how they taste but I'm sure they'll be lovely.

The rest of my day will be spent watching films on tele (don't you just love the amount of good TV over Christmas?!) and cuddling my darling cats, Morris and Bo.

Have a great Sunday :)


  1. They look gorgeous!!
    Laur x

  2. forgot to say! where in the north east are you from? im from middlesbrough!

  3. such a cute blog and your cats are adorable. xo

  4. Thank you for your comments guys :)

    Laur, I'm from Lancashire but I got to University in Sunderland.


  5. i live about 15 minutes away from sunderland!!

  6. Cats & cakes- this post has my name written allover it!

    The picture of your two lovely cats is simply gorgeous :)

    Sophie x

  7. your cats are beautiful! And those biscuits look so yummy xo

  8. I really get what you say about being homesick and living with a lot of people on the uni house! My kitchen is always such a mess even when I try to keep it clean!

    I'll enjoy this days watching a lot of films and do nothing but sit on my cosy couch, just like you! :)

  9. Awwww your cats are adorable!
    & the biccys look so yummy too xxx


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