Thursday, 29 December 2011

A heart of stone, a smoking gun.

The one thing I am a huge sucker for is cute underwear and I have way too much if I'm being honest. 
When I'm further up north for Uni and go to the metro centre I've recently been popping in Boux Avenue - a boutique esque store that sells lingerie, nightwear and other bits and bobs. The store is set out beautifully and the staff are super nice. For Christmas my boyfriend bought me some Pyjamas from there and they gift wrap for free and put faux rose petals in that have a fragrance to them and your items come out of the box smelling delicious!
So, when I saw they had a sale on their website recently I had a bit of a browse and found a set I really liked in my size for half the price. Brill! I opted to have it gift wrapped because, well, why not?! It's free, comes in a lovely box & smells gorgeous. 

Postage took 6 days but I did make my order on the 23rd December and obviously had to take in to account Christmas etc so it was quite swift to say it's a busy time. 

They also sent me a text the day before to let me know when my parcel was due so I knew to be in. 

 The items look as they do on the website and I got what I expected. I know you always run a risk when buying things online because you're unsure how they're going to fit. The knickers fit like a dream, they are the perfect size. However, the bra is a little on the snug side and the cup is a little small. I know my bra size but it does seem like most stores have different sizing on both back size and cup. A little disappointed about the bra but it does fit, it's just more fitted.

I have found no problems with the quality and aesthetically they look great! 
*Note - I paid for these items and this is an honest review. 


  1. Oh wow, they're gorgeous! And nicely wrapped stuff is a weakness of mine too. Headed off on my own undies hunt tomorrow, hopefully I can get something as nice! xx

  2. Hey lovely girl!
    I admit it, I'm sucker for cute undies as well! haha, have more pairs than normal T-shirts or socks! haha!
    This is one gorgeous looking pair you've got!
    Stop by! xo

  3. What a beautiful lingerie set! It looks so beautiful packaged too! xx

  4. Oho! This is cute, great choice. The set looks lovely quality. I'm going to have to have a browse.

  5. they look amazing!!!
    many kisses from,


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