Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Diamond dogs.

Ahh what a carry on. In my last post I explained how I'd lost the USB for my camera and was waiting for a new one in the post. Well, I thought the easiest way would be just to get one off eBay. WRONG. It's dodgy and doesn't work. Grrrrrreat. So today I practically turned the house upside down whilst trying to search for it but to no avail. HOWEVER, I came across a memory card adapter. Basically, my memory card in the camera is TINY and doesn't fit in to my laptop ports, but you put the memory card in to the adapter, but the adapter in the laptop and voila! So all that fuss for nothing.

Yesterday me and my mum braved the cold and took a trip to the Manchester Christmas market. Manchester is only 45 minutes away on the train and not too expensive so it was a nice little day out. The market itself was lovely and had the usual craft stalls and gorrrrrgeous food! When I went to the Newcastle one they had these warm coconut maccaroons, and they had them there yesterday! Mmmm.
We also indulged in a hog roast bar with mulled cider and roasted pork in a log cabin. It was a silent when we first went in but then I heard a trickle of music out of the speakers and was expecting some Christmas songs...but oh no! You'll never believe they started playing 90'S DANCE MUSIC. That's right, 'One night Heaven' and all that. Quite surreal...

I'm a bit of a tights fiend, I have so many pairs it's ridiculous. I'm the worst with tights with designs on though because I always ladder them...always! The ones above are from Primark because I ladder them so much I usually spend a few quid on them rather than a tenner. 
These are some of my faves at the moment:

1. House of Holland, 2. New Look, 3. Miss Selfridge, 4. Marks and Spencer, 5. Topshop.

I'm going out on Friday night for Christmas but I have no idea what to wear! Is it obligatory to be all sparkly at Christmas parties?!


  1. eeep adorable! love the tights:)

    Rosie Anna

  2. Those tights are so sweet, primark is definitely a good idea for tights! I really want some polka dot ones!

  3. Love those tights! especially the 2nd pair! great blog x

  4. aww I love the idea of suspender tights but I've never bought myself a pair! I might have to next time I go shopping xo


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